Once your CDs or DVDs are replicated (manufactured) they are then printed. This is typically a screen print or litho process that can accommodate CMYK inks or Pantone spot colours.

CTP Digital Services offers the required expertise to ensure optimum print results.

Silkscreen Print is the traditional method used to print on CD’s. This print can accommodate CMYK inks or Pantone® spot colours. Due to the simplicity of this process a wide variety of different inks and dyes are available, allowing for effects that aren’t possible with other printing methods. Screen printing is renowned for giving rich, vibrant colour results.

Offset Litho disc printing is now the preferred technique by the majority of CD and DVD manufacturers, mainly because it achieves exceptional results. This method of printing uses the CMYK process, giving your design quality close to that of a photograph. Offset printing is of a much higher resolution than screen print, allowing your design to contain much more detailed images.